Sunday, August 26, 2012


Well, I have been thinking what to write and I couldn’t come up with anything but the only reason I want to write is enhance my writing skills and to help boost my vocabulary.
 I am not a good writer and I don’t have any good reason to continue writing.

 I have heard good writers start with writing one or two lines and then continue to pen down their thought without any hesitation or complications. 

As the matter of fact, I have written couple of blogs but they didn’t get to be encouraged by people. I think they didn’t even try to read them. Pitiable. Right? Well, it’s okay I am going to write till my hands and my brain start working to write things up.

For that reason, I have decided to do a project called “6 days in a row’’.  In this I am going to write daily whatever click my mind. To write a blog I need to be persistent which I am not. True that. Well, I think I can do it. I almost spend 1-2 hours daily on facebook doing nothing; if I give my 30 minutes to write few lines then it will not be a big deal. 


  1. Rida, the best way to get comments and encouragement on your blog is to go and read and comment on other people's blogs. Also, it helps to link to other blogs that you find interesting in your blog. It takes a little work, but soon you will be part of a community that encourages one another.

  2. Thank you Sir, I really appreciate this. I think it is encouraging if you have little blogging traffic and people read your written blogs. I am definitely going to work on it.
    Thanks once again.