Sunday, May 27, 2012

Still a lot of lessons to learn.

Knock, Knock, Knockkk*
 I jumped out of my bed, rubbed my eye in order to clean them and opened the door. It was my host dad waiting for me to opened the door. I greeted him and he did to. He asked me if I am ready to go for the picnic.
Dad, what time is it?
''It's 6:45 and you are not ready. Get ready in 5 minutes or else we are going to leave you at home''he replied in a resentful manner.
Well, I picked up my backpack and went upstairs to my bathroom to wash my face and changed my clothes. After 10 minutes I was sitting at the back seat in the car. Moving on we started our trip to Clear water lake. I didn't dare to say anything because I was still sleepy a little bit from the night before it. I stayed up late that night. At 7 a.m. my alarm started ringing. My host mother looked at me. I told her it's my alarm so I could be up for today. She asked me why did I put for 7 a.m. I told her that you told me we will be leaving at 8. That's why I put that. She denied it and told me that we said that we will be leaving between 6 to 7 a.m.
 Well, it's not a big surprise. Sometimes she changes her mind like changing clothes. I didn't want to argue with her. They changed their plan because they wanted to eat out. I apologized her still after knowing that I was right.
 We went to sonic, I had French toast and lemonade for breakfast.
 Then they drive to their friend's house to pick them up, they were going with us too. At 7:45 we arrived there and found out that they just got up and we had to wait for them about 1:30 minutes there.
Every minute was thorn in my side. Those 90 minutes were rational to the hunger pain of  last minutes of a fast.
At last we finally moved towards our designation. This waiting procedure was horrible to me and now I know when you wait for someone on something how it feels like. I have gotten a lot better after living in United States where people stress more on time where as if I compare it to my family in Pakistan, I think that it is our family tradition not being on time. The journey continues. I pray to Allah that make me a good person in future with all the good deeds. (Ammeen)

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