Monday, November 4, 2013


 Such a dramatic change in life. Oh my god! I am nineteen now. Just few years ago, I was celebrating sweet sixteen and now, here I am in my last year of teen. Time has gotten a jet engine.I assume.

 I was expecting a good change but  nothing really got changed. In fact, I got more annoying and irritating. 
My birthday didn't come as I expected, it was my one of the dark days of life though. I cried all day without any reason. My whole week was literally the backstage. I got involve in a fight with family, didn't even stopped on that and fought with my bestie and lost him. Somehow, the fight was related with everyone. 

Ahh!! my life is such a Turkish drama in which they regardlessly drags the drama scenes into days and months and kill people in the end as well. 

Is this just me? or I took the shock of being nineteen way too seriously.

My mum sew a dress for me, and guess what!! it got stuck on my bottom. shiz!! I have gained too much weight. I really need to exercise or else I will turn into a balling (I guess, I am exaggerating a lot)

I have gotten a haircut yesterday. They are really short now, just up to my neck. I'm embracing it way too much!

Coaching exams has messed up my mind. Totally. My very half brain is quarter now.

My sister says, Rida. Can I get something from you? I know it's hard for you but, u can try.
Me: (interrupting) yea, sure.
She: Can u be normal. please?

My friend asked me to brought ''Card Reader'' from home and I bought a ''Card rejister'' for her. What was I thinking?lol. 

I have 4000+ unread mails from unknown sources mixed with my personal mails. damn. I got too much junk to clear but, not getting enough time.

One of my subject teacher in coaching center is always degrading students, not everyone. but he thinks we are ''Paindoos'' comes from a village and don't know anything at all and it was disturbing me a lot. So, I e-mailed him thanking him for notes, gave him some suggestions and shared a link to pronounce word correctly. The very next day, he called me ''Qayamat''. Seriously? knowing English Language can made this huge impact on people? Well, he knows my name now and thinks I am smart. -__-

Literally everyday, I see cows eating plastic bags and stuff from the garbage near the street gutter and it drinks water out of a puddle. It just grosses me out to think about that cow's milk supplying to someone. Ew!!

Talking about gross thing and impurity. The ARY NEWS SHOW, ''SAIRAY AAM'' has totally made my mind not to eat anything from outside. I remember enjoying ice lolly, that street wala bun Kabab, or full ketchup walay french fries. Now I can't think of eating anything, even though I carve for them.

The month of Muharamm is almost here now, I really wish and hope that everyone stays safe, the dear ones of every family. May Allah be with all of em'. Ameen.

The very great Rumi once said, ''Respond to every call that excites your spirit''.

 umm..I think my spirit is calling me and telling me that I have a English paper todaay, including the novel, prose and poetry.
 naaaaaaaaaa.. Sis. That's not excitment, that's called I am doomed, haven't done anything about it at all. Gotta run now. Fingers crossed.