Sunday, January 12, 2014

To be reactive or not to be?

They bring hate into your peaceful life, destroy your inner peace, destroy personal relations,  and all you are left behind is with loneness even when you are surrounded by people. They bring insecurities in your life and you get lost in a room with 100s door in it, and every door has 100 doors in it; they hunt you down, their high pitched shout echoes in ear, follows you everywhere, chase you like a dead-man’s ghost chasing to take revenge and you don’t find any place to hide. Carving haterism, piercing your heart out, you scream, scream with pain and no one hears you. They can drive you irrational, crazy, leaving you insane, forcing you to get hollow. Hollow from inside, pressurizing you to become friends with selfishness, they carry petrol to burn you down at any moment you can see the bright light, yellow light, red light, no more black shadows up on the sky, flaring up the sensitive emotions with sound of roaring, blaring, and explosions and smoke everywhere; or drag you into a hole, the black hole and you don’t get a chance to use your senses; within a minute you become an unknown for others; people forget you or vindictively keep torturing you, play with your feelings and sentiments, evoking you until and unless you show some reaction and all you want to do is to show some patience; if you don’t want to  hurt the other person as much you are now. They are words. Either way they have huge impact on anyone's life, choose them wisely. They make you or break you.

Twinkle in your eyes with a touch of sarcasm
That disturbing smile of yours; that faded grin
I know you are good at it, but I will not let you win.
Not this time.