Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Chasing the Soul

My heart wanted to have a free soul. A soul that chases the dreams of her heart. I have been looking out for a sign that say you are independent and free to move. But, this is not right. Something is not fair. It was my culture who has kept me bound by itself.

 It was always in my mind why can' t do this or why can't I do that? Hanging out with friends was far, far away from my thoughts. It was not related to my family it was related to my society. The society; who I was a part of. I had a chance to live my life for a year as I wanted. I was allowed to hangout with friends, play when I want, watch television, play on Wii, slack off from work. It was a chance to try all those adventurous stuff, I had dreamed for. A year without any anyone looking out for you.
 This is not morally fine either. Right? For all those who asked me questions how did I do in America? What I did? How I spent my days and some irritable, annoying questions. (Not all of them are stupid questions). This blog is dedicated to them.

In short, I was placed in Troy, Missouri first then I moved to Salem, Missouri. My host family was changed once due to not getting mutually understand each other. Being different is good but being to much different which would count as weird is not so good! Well, moving on. I got a family whom I can rely on. A family who I called a family after my natural family. Although my host family was not rich as shown in American movies, it's just a stereotype about them. Saying this from what I have experienced.

Coming back to my host family. I had a host dad name ''Brian Inman''. The hilarious one; just like my real father whom I can fully trust on and can share anything with him. We would talk with each other for hours and can not be bored. I think, I would not get bored. There was so much to tell him. Our culture was so different from each other. He has always advised me and try to correct me. Unfortunately my little brain is just messed up. I forgets things pretty easily. He taught me fishing, swimming (not really) actually he threw me in water with a life jacket on with a believe that ''I will not drown''. He was so funny. Moreover he taught me riding four wheeler (secretly) on my request. We went for frog gigging. It was the scariest but fun experience ever. I can't forget that day. Everything was covered with darkness and we were with flash lights trying to blind frogs. He would teach me how to sing songs and taught me how to whistle but it was an epic fail. I was so horrible. I still am. But I miss all those days.

My host mom, ''Nancy''. She is just apple of an eye of everyone. She is a good cook plus she manages her kitchen greatly. She always tease me by saying ''clean as you go''. One day I cooked Biryani for host family. I did not turn out pretty good because I was out of some spices. Well, what can we expect from a county side. It's okay. Well, after that the whole kitchen was just a disaster. She did not yell at me for messing up with kitchen although I cleaned it afterwards but I learned the lesson of ''Clean as you go''. I miss her sometimes and all the lessons she has taught me. Before going to bed we always gave hug to each other. That was really so sweet. Sometimes we would misunderstand each other but it's a part of our life. We move on.

Salem High school was the school I went; I graduated from. SHS gave me lot of love, respect, memories. Me and my best friend of America, LIEN MAI NGYEN fromVietnam. My 4th sister. We would do some crazy exchange students stuff together and everyone would appreciate it. Salem's people are very warm welcoming people. Some of them were racist too beside them everyone is love. I would say it was just a very small town for a girl who has lived her life in a city. I miss my very first high school too. TROY BUCHANAN too but it was in a fate to move to different location.

P.S: I had a host family, A coordinator,  A great Regional director, host family's friends and my friends to look after me and keeping an eye on me.

Coming back to the story, I had a chance to be a rotten egg in that freedom of religion and culture's country but I choose not to. The culture is inside you not relying on the society. Yes, society means a lot to everyone and we should not do anything against it. Besides that man's will also matters a lot. We can not loose our true identity in order to gain society's praising words. People loves to talk behind back. They backbite, they gossip but is it what you want? No, then seek what you like for your own sake. No matter where you travel in this world every Country has their own culture and traditions; what I have learnt through my exchange year can not be defined in words. Especially I can not defined it myself but the very first lesson, I learnt is respecting those cultures and diversity without losing your true identity.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Spice of S.M.S

It has always been most of the Pakistani mother's reciting words that the cellphone in your hand goes in hell, you loose it, drop it somewhere, it will break by itself or I will split it into two pieces or someone snatch it from you so that I can live in peace.

 This is not my only mother. I bet, your mother would agree with my mother's word. It is a true story of every teenager. 

 I have been thinking what if we loose the messaging opportunity, what the life would be like without messaging or without talking  with friends. It is obvious texting itself is not a big deal. Talking with friends in a low, cheap cost matters that is why most of us message friends even if we are not chit chatting, we would forward messages. It is a leisure time fun activity. I am a texting freak when it comes to boredom. I send message to everyone in my contact book. Yes, it is a shame but I am proudly proud of it.

Here's are few advantages if we leave texting.

1. Our parents would be proud on us.
2. Life can not be annoying.
3. It will all tension free.
4. There will be no one to yell at you or say curse you.
5. You will be concentrating in your daily matter life.
6. Education? You will be a nerd somehow.
7. You will keep yourself busy in home choirs.
8. Instead of taking time to text, you will be going out to play.
9. People will know you inperson and know the truth.
10. Actually, they can see you while you are talking.
11. No more accidents due to texting and driving.
12. No more cheating. fraud or falsly statements.
13. No more wrong numbers stressful messages.
14. There will not be any usage of wrong sentence due to the bad habit of texting.
15.No more confusing acronyms and spoilt spoken language plus spoilt writing.
16. there will not be any gazing eyes of any aunt or uncle while you are playing S.M.S, S.M.S with your friends.
17. You can sleep peacefully.

On the other hand, if we do have the facility to text.

1. No one can be bored anymore.
2. Friends will be with you at any time
3. You will not be forever alone.
4. Actually, you will have fun by planning a hangout with friends.
5. Friends will always be there for you when you need them plus you can contact them in emergency if you do not have balance.
6. Life will be less stressful by not caring about anything at all.
7. Who cares if someone scold you. You can run away from it and talk almost freely with friends.
8. You can do fights secretly without letting anyone know.
9. You will have your love with you all the time just a minute away from cellphone.
10. You can say all those words which you can not say inperson and are afraid of it.
11. Ugly ones can get make people fall in love for them.
12. Writting all those things rather than telling them will help you not loose the person you like becasue if they are infront of them, then you can be in trouble. so writting all those things, clearing all points and send them to get a fast reply without waiting would be so awesome.
13. You can do flirting and pass your freaking bore-to-death time.
14. You can know strangers very well and be friends with them. That's always adventurious. ( I have never done this before)
15. You can bully people or blackmail them just for fun. (I don't agree with this one)
16. Funny jokes? There are always amzaingly funny messages revolving around; that will make you laugh out loud.
17. No more sadness due to sitting alone and not having a best friend by your side.
18. The list can go on and on but texting is just amzaing without it we will be doomed with all house choirs if we have some leisure time.

I do not know what to say about to text or not to text. The choice is yours. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages, if we 
misuse any opportunity, then we can not be happy with life. For a time being it will give us pleasure but in later on life we can not be happy from what we have.

Sunday, August 26, 2012


Well, I have been thinking what to write and I couldn’t come up with anything but the only reason I want to write is enhance my writing skills and to help boost my vocabulary.
 I am not a good writer and I don’t have any good reason to continue writing.

 I have heard good writers start with writing one or two lines and then continue to pen down their thought without any hesitation or complications. 

As the matter of fact, I have written couple of blogs but they didn’t get to be encouraged by people. I think they didn’t even try to read them. Pitiable. Right? Well, it’s okay I am going to write till my hands and my brain start working to write things up.

For that reason, I have decided to do a project called “6 days in a row’’.  In this I am going to write daily whatever click my mind. To write a blog I need to be persistent which I am not. True that. Well, I think I can do it. I almost spend 1-2 hours daily on facebook doing nothing; if I give my 30 minutes to write few lines then it will not be a big deal.