Tuesday, January 10, 2012

And I learned something from a seven years old boy!

As it is one of important message of Hazrat Muhammad(P.B.U.H) that '' Baroon ki Ezat and chooton ka ehtaram karo.''
''Obey and respect the elders and adore and respect the yougers''

This quote just came into my mind when I was playing with 7 years old Trevor; my host nephew. We were looking for the tree house when we found the stacks of hay bundles. They were on top on each other and together the were making the mountain of Hay bales. Suddenly travor climp on it and said come up. First I was not sure if it will be secure to play on it. I wanted to finish the game and take Travor home before some one gets hurt. And I said Travor come down now! I did not expect any response from him except him to come down but, he gave me a look and replied in a very cute way, ''make me.'' and then continued, '' If you will make me then I will come down.'' Out of blue I asked him, '' How can I make you?'' He taught me how to make a child. He said, '' say manner words and please.''
I continued as what he told me to do, ''Tavor would you please come down?'' and he came down and I put my hand on his head and said, ''Good boy.'' He stopped and said say THANK- YOU now. I couldn't take him to home until I would say all the nice words to him.
I had learnt when I was coming to America that always says three magic words: Thank you, Please, sorry or excuse me and I have been practicing also but I didn't know that I have to say to small kids also.
I would say Travor taught me some good lesson. After this I thought about my younger sisters; now I realised what used to make my siblings fight with me. If I would say some appreciation words; there would not be the same as today. And it will not be false if I say I didn't fight with any of my sisters and I miss them alot.
Today I learnt the forgotten message of Holy Prophet(P.B.U.H) and what my parents taught me again and again.
I hope when I will get back home; I will be a positvely changed sister for them. I am positive =D