Monday, January 4, 2016

You forgot, what you once knew.

For you, everything is money.
But you forgot,
Soon your eternal place shall be grave, the dark place for which you were only brought up.

For you, everything should be shiny, catchy, and expensive to tell worth by itself .
But you forgot,
Total nothingness is your destiny, you were made out of dust and being dust again is your fate.

For you, physical beauty is everything.
But you forgot,
Soon the lines, marks, and wrinkles will emerge and all the scratches, hatred and grief will sparkle on the face, like a gem shining in the day light.

For you, love is bought and sold in markets.
But you forgot,
Strong souls were never on auctions.

For you, wisdom is a commodity.
But you forgot,
There’s a big sign board with neon lights which reads: ‘’Given to a few’’, and now many consider themselves to be in those few, including you.