All about me

  1. I am an ENFJ and it explains a lot about me by itself plus I am fully scorpion. [2014; not fully just partially] 
  2. I was an exchange student for a year in America and I have lived my life in one year.
  3. Solving mysteries are way to much fun.
  4. Singers amaze me with their voices. I appreciate everyone effort but I love Pakistani singers and Urdu songs beside that I love Pittbull, Link in the park moreover can’t think of any other right now.
  5. We are six, I have 5 siblings. 2 brothers and 3 sisters and I am almost the middle child.
  6. I like to play board games, and football.
  7. I am not very good in any sports but I play them just for fun.
  8. Winning and losing is nothing if you have learned something then you are the true winner.
  9. I am outgoing
  10. I love to help needy people.
  11. I don’t like to be yelled at. I hate it to death,
  12. I am a jealous type friend if someone tries to steal my friends.
  13. I am not crazy for attention.
  14. I love to be called Rida but a lot my friends call me Ridz, or Idda..
  15. I don’t like someone giving me orders; just ask me to do anything but nicely and I can do it happily.
  16. I love Pakistani HUM T.V dramas. I think they are best.
  17. I love to do what I like.
  18. I care a lot about my friends.
  19. Sometimes, I am selfish and self-centered
  20. I love to discuss to sort all the problems out.
  21. To me talking about problem is the solution
  22. Completing education is top priority.
  23. My heart rules over my brain.
  24. When it comes to love my brain rules over heart. Strange but true.
  25. I am easy going, outspoken and sometimes I am blunt.
  26. I am also ENTP by taking the test second time, and I also possess all those qualities. Weird enough?
  27.  My closet can completely be a disaster. 
  28.  I become nerd but it’s once in a month.
  29. I love to maintain myself.
  30. I am girl having man’s attitude
  31. I care a lot about my looks.
  32. I can inspired from anyone even from a child but the inspiration should always the positive. Negative works too.
  33. I love to fight with my siblings, it’s like my food, if I don’t involved myself in a fight then it will seems I am starving.
  34. I sweat too much. It’s natural. Don’t feel yukki. 
  35. I am crazy a friend. So be careful you might not want to be with me.
  36. I love making fun of myself.
  37. I act so stupid in front of those people I love. Not because that’s real me but because it brings smile on their faces.
  38. All my concentration and attention can be loose, while I am watching some interesting show on Television.
  39. I sleep a lot. I need to have my sleeping time set aside without disturbing me. Sometimes my parents would get worried about this issue, but if I am tired, I am going to sleep like that. I can not help it.
  40. I don’t like to judge people before knowing them but if someone has portrayed themselves very wrong on their first impression, so they should be careful because I am going to judge them
  41. To me first impression is the last impression; it can be changed if you prove it false.
  42. I can do anything for my friends because friendship is very important relationship for me.
  43. I get bored pretty easily.
  44. I like to be in a happy mood rather than being serious. That’s why I laugh a lot. Laughing and smiling makes me alive
  45. I like the idea of waving at stranger while driving. It makes you feel good. Honestly. I have done that in America but I am not sure if it’s a good idea doing in over here in Pakistan.
  46.  I can not sit still. I have to move. Move somewhere; sitting still  makes me feel so tired and sleepy.
  47. Whenever I get bored I start sleeping. Next time if I start sleeping ahead of you that means I am bore, you need to change the topic.
  48. I don’t like sad songs; they make me cry badly if I am in a bad mood.
  49. I like up beating and uplifting songs that makes me cheerful.
  50. I spent most of my time texting when there’s nothing to do. There’s no doubt on that and I can talk with 6 friends at the same time.
  51. I loose my attention very quickly if I am not interested or thinking about something else and I would go with “hmm, Okay, Yeah”
  52. I am a couch potato. I love sitting around and watching t.v if I am not doing anything. Yes, I watch t.v a lot plus now a day I am watching it non-stop because I am waiting to be enrolled in college.
  53. I love going on an adventure trip, climbing, cliff jumping and swimming in an open river is just amazing. I miss being in U.S
  54. I was dog phobic before but everything turned out to be great when I got to meet hunting dogs and 10 puppies. I just love dogs now.  
  55. I want to have some kind of special powers like flying or to be invisible.
  56.  I don’t like messy kitchen but when I am lazy everything sounds great.
  57. I am afraid of darkness. My heart starts pounding and I would hear weird noises in dark if I will be alone. It’s just me; my brain is little messed up.
  58. I don’t like people who interrupt during conversation. It is so rude to do that. Let them finish and you can have your turn to speak too. This is just wrong.
  59. I value love most.  Love is everything for me and it can be in any relation.
  60. Sometimes I show really bad attitude that will make you go crazy, it might be I am angry on you or something else. Consulting me for that particular issue is the only solution, and then I will spill the beans.
  61. I don’t like people stalking me or looking out for me and keeping an eye whatever I do.
  62. I need to have my own personal space as long as I want.
  63.  I really have bad temper if I don’t get my thing straighten up. I will scream and everything will be fine and smooth again. It happens sometimes not always, it depends on the situation I am tackling with.
  64. My assignments can be due till the very last date and at the last day I will be doing my assignment crazily to make it better. Well, I try to complete my task most of the time but somehow I still don’t get to finish them. It doesn’t happen a lot and I have been working on that particular task too.
  65.  I don’t understand how to ask question and when? I always get confused with that. I wait for people to ask questions so that all my confusion go somewhere in a dumpster.
  66. I value other’s point of view a lot and what they think, to me their opinion matters most but I do what I think is right.
  67. I talk a lot; non-stop. Even I can go for hours.
  68. I am a horrible singer. I accept it. Unfortunately, I still sing loudly.
  69.  My father is so hilarious. Love him tons and my nicest mother is the nicest lady of all times.
  70. I love diversity. Different religious practiced amuses me.
  71. I cook when I feel like and I also clean afterwards (sometimes I don’t do anything at all but I get the title) 
  72. Reading newspaper is so boring; I skip lines and enjoy the colorful pictures.
  73. If you do something stupid I am going to make fun of you. Don’t feel bad. Just don’t do the same thing again.
  74. I hate girls with shitty attitude; those who think they are everything.
  75. I don’t have grandparents except for my maternal grandmother. I wish I could have gotten a chance to meet my both grand fathers.
  76. To convince me, you need to have logic.
  77. I love my best friend. 
  78. I spent most of my time in thinking about past, present and future.
  79. Nokia cell phones are the best. I have E71x. [My phone died and I miss it most]
  80. Laptop? Yes, I have one and my siblings always surround by it. [I don't have laptop anymore]
  81. Cleaning, not a big fan but when it comes to it. I can be a freak.
  82. Old people are way to much fun and awesome.
  83. I visited a old age home once with friends and it turned out to be a mentally and physically disabled home. I was freaked out but it was a great experience. I would love to visit there again
  84. Politics is not for me.I hate politics and politicians. I believe we should have a free democratic government instead of all this crappy government.
  85. General Pervaiz Musharaf is love. I wish for him to be come back.
  86. Google is amazing. It searches everything for me. Without Google, I will be lost.
  87. Youtube teaches me everything, I want to learn. At home I can be Pro at anything however I don’t spend much time on Youtube.
  88. If you are still reading it, you might be free, bored or such a fool. I am not surprise.
  89. I am pretty awesome and I know it.
  90. Eyes makeup? Gotta say I love it till the world will be doomed. I love doing it.
  91. My eyes are always filled with black kajal plus they look beautiful. Without my kajal I look sick.
  92. I love thesaurus. I wish I can learn all the words and can be encyclopedia.
  93. Auto correct in Word Document is way to much great. I wish I could have it in my cell phone.
  94. I love, LOVE stories but hate sad endings. It’s strange most of the love stories I have watched, they had sad endings.
  95.  Asian movies? I watch them with keen interest. My Vietnamese friend introduced me with them.
  96. My friends are international and they are scattered all over the world.
  97. I love airport cause’ there are different people with different cultures.
  98. I love my family and friends.
  99. Radio? I have never listened to any radio show yet. I am planning to but I don’t have radio in my cell phone.
  100. Facts about me just hit it’s century. I am going to stop now. I don’t believe I have written all of the above.
  101. Thank you for reading till here. I assume you were pretty curious to know me. If you have just skipped lines to get over here. I don’t judge you. I would do that too.

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