Friday, December 26, 2014

A Strange good-bye.

He held her hands tightly yet softly asking her to stay for few more minutes. As she turned back she saw him smiling but his eyes were speaking of great fear he was struggling with. Reflection of his soul could be seen through his wide-dark gloomy eyes but she overlooked it, pretended not to see it. She screamed, ''Leave my hand'', she could have asked it gently but tried to be as harsh as she could. She jerked and pulled off  her hand from his, trying to make this good-bye easier for him in her way.

 He could see the storm in her eyes, but silently stood there.

 This time, she broke the long silence and said again‘’let me go, I have to keep on going’’

 He drew himself very close, closed to her lips and kissed her, may be for the last time. Strongly but passionately. After a minute he managed to pull himself back; far enough to see her face, to see her eyes, and here he read her eyes that were speaking of the truth which she wasn't been able to tell him or as if she has found the part of herself that had been missing. Finally he said,
 ‘’Today Love does not demand to be declared, today I see that in your eyes, feel it in your voice, you were never stopped from dreaming and aiming high’’.
'Dream means work, I will stand by you. Like always'.

It was a strange way of saying good-bye to each other but both were happy in their hearts, as they walk back home.


  1. I was hoping for a happy ending. But I guess life's a bitch sometimes :)


    1. haha. oh, yes. It is sometimes :D
      By the way, I tried to create a bitchy ending :P Thank you for stopping by CRD ;)

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