Saturday, October 25, 2014


I have been trying to solve a paper since morning; hours have been passed and I can't get it done. Its just 50 blanks which I have to find it from the given chapters and I just can't.

A Song. An old Indian movie song is stuck in my head and it keeps on repeating every after a minute at the background and I don't even know that song well enough. Its the freaking tittle line and I feel like it will last forever. Please get the heck out of my head?

Noises. noises. everywhere.
 the water pumping machine,
 the sewing machine on which my mother is sewing something.
 the television.
siblings talk
the washing machine
and this songggg.


  1. The funny thing about studies is that the harder you try to keep your mind focussed, the more distracted you get. Isolating yourself is the worst idea, never helps :p

    Which song is this? We're curious.

    Greetings from India. Do drop by mine. I write short stories, twisted stories, humour, sociopolitical stuff, poems, and more.


  2. True enough. Some people like to play music at the back while studying and they say it helps them to be more focussed. Weirdly, I can't do it, I get more distracted. Every little thing distract me. ugh..
    haha. I don't want to think about it. What if it gets stuck in my head again. :P Actually I forgot which was it :D
    And Thank You for stopping by. Sure, You are in my reading list now. ;)