Sunday, September 15, 2013

Listen for once- Please listen.

I want you to listen instead of pretending. There are thousand's of unspoken words you can hear if you just listen. Observe me, Listen what my eyes have been speaking, look here they are screaming out loud. Give it a look; for once.
You think you know me. You think you understand. I bet you would if you would see behind the fake smile  I wear, behind the fake life I am living. Don't get fooled, I wear mask and beneath every mask there's another me who is all veiled and phony.
For once, listen to the words I am not saying. For once, try to understand than to be understood
I might look strong, I might look happy, I can make you sure that, I am secure and confident but the truth is I-am-not-the-person-you-know. I might look angry but I'd be accepting my mistake and if it is yours I am open and forgiving for you, for us. I might be laughing now but crying deep inside, I might be frustrated at things at times, I get mood swings all the time. There's always a reason for everything, every act we do, there must be. If you just give a one shot- not your best shot, will know why, but only for now try.
I admit, I need you, more than I need water and food to live. whenever you show some interest within me, I want to pour my heart out to you. It takes lot of courage and when I become successful  at gathering all my strength but, by then you again reformed into cold, you spaced out and detached. Is it fair?
I might be good at hiding my feelings and pretending everything is ''okay''. Yet, I am still asking to give a try. Just for once listen to the words I am not saying. Please listen.


  1. That is so right . Often all we need is someone to listen to all that we have to say , to be understood for once , very nicely portrayed . Nice read :)