Friday, December 20, 2013


No matter what happens. I'll always miss you and love you in a discrete way (only bhaiyo and friends walla!) where ever you go,you will always be in my thoughts. May Allah keeps you all healthy and wealthy and May your all dreams come true and May you find your true love soon. Ameen. 
(Just because I was missing you chuzzu) ;) 

All I connected is you!
All I want is you to be happy
Not some bunch of people saaying stuff to you
And that part of you being stupid saying all mean things to yourself
You dare call yourself a retard....!!
You are way better and amazing than that.

Why the hell people ask me a reason to love them?

I just love you cause' you are you. 
and that's it..!

When I get all down and sad, you cheer me up. Even if you have to insult me. 

Yea right, Beegar gai hai tuu..
petrol daal k aag laga deni chahye tujhy
sansaar kar dena chahyee!!
If you wanna hear that? then hell nooo! Jahil.

Become an opimist you weirdo!
Because I know you are love
And I believe you alone can shake the world
Just keep your mind healthy
Don't waste your time!
when you know, you can do a lot..

P.S: We fight a lot and apologize but after making each other look and feel so bad; we don't talk now much as we used to do cause' you know; we may get all emotional and sentimental at times (I blame you); we may crack jokes on each other (I know, I am sucha dork some times); we may insult (I deserve that as well as u); we may get mad at each other and curse(LOL we do this everytime we talk)..
But even after all of this we are we! You have always motivated me, keep doing that.. I might will need you soon to make me Me again. I owe you big times. THANKS.